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Our Company Conforms to an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS) and AS9120B (2016) Quality Management System for Aviation, Space and Defense Distributors.

Quality control and the services for your electronic components

The Quality Management System of Amalfi Trading provides a complete material management process and is divided into 10 different stages.

Amalfi Trading plans, implements and controls a process for the prevention of Counterfeit parts. This includes part marking verification and test methodologies as is written in our Quality manual.

We are partnered with Global ETS (GETS) for all independent 3rd party testing and inspection.

Electronic components ready for a quality control test

As part of our anti-counterfeiting procedures we utilize our partnership for high value and high risk products:

  • Counterfeit Detection
  • Delid-Decap Internal Inspection
  • Heated Chemical and X-Ray
  • Solderability Testing
  • Electrical Testing
  • Full Mil-Spec testing
Microscope ready to check an electronic component

Our quality control and logistics department maintains product identification and traceability from receipt of goods, to storage, packaging, and shipment.

Amalfi Trading monitors vendor performances utilizing an internal rating system based on total performance and conducts periodic on-site visits.

The best suppliers of original and certified electronic components with test and traceability service.

Order Success Rate:

Order implementation from inception to completion

2016 Total Orders 2,016 Success Rate 99.4%

2017 Total Orders 2,288 Success Rate 99.125%

2018 Total Orders 2,879 Success Rate 98.54%

2019 Total Orders 2,812 Success Rate 98.22%

2020 Total Orders 3,429 Success Rate 99.98%

2021 Total Orders 5,688 Success Rate 98.52%

2022 Total Orders 4,753 Success Rate 99.7%

2023 Total Orders 3,407 Success Rate 99.44%

Average Success